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No Adware! No Spyware! No Trial Period! Most of the software you will find at Hyprsoft is all freeware. The term 'freeware' has no clear accepted definition, but it is commonly used for packages which permit redistribution but not modification (and their source code is not available). You may download and distribute the software below as much as you would like.
Passman.NET Passman.NET Screenshots
Version: | Released: 8/14/2011
Are you becoming overwhelmed with trying to remember which user name and password you used on which website or program? Now you only have to come to one secure place and remember only one password!

PassMan.NET offers you safe and secure password storage using industry standard TripleDES 128bit or Rijndael 256bit encryption algorithms. This means your personal, sensitive information is SAFE!

Download Passman.NET (32-bit) | Download Passman.NET (64-bit)
32-bit MD5: 453F293CACFD61AB89AD552A2F4388D6 | 64-bit MD5: 09054AB6D6E0E63805F5A8166F34338D
MD5 Checksum Utility MD5 Checksum Utility Screenshots
Version: | Released: 8/14/2011
This utility is a simple Windows ® application that quickly calculates the MD5 checksum for any file. MD5 checksums are commonly used to validate the integrity of files such as the zip archives or application installation packages that are available to transfer or download from remote locations.

You can quickly obtain the MD5 checksum for any file by right clicking the desired file in Windows Explorer and choosing the "Send To" menu.

Download MD5 Checksum (32-bit) | Download MD5 Checksum (64-bit)
32-bit MD5: 2D63FB0C84C7EF2643FE5A1B6EE693A9 | 64-bit MD5: 2C598709CB95FAB8CE7C900B13C02414
Remote IP Address Sync Remote IP Address Sync Screenshots
Version: | Released: 12/19/2011
Are you in need of a static IP address but don't want to pay for it? Dynamic DNS services like DynDns.org, EasyDns.com, or no-ip.com cost money. Why pay?

RIAS is a Windows ® Service applet that constantly monitors your public IP address and synchronizes it with ZoneEdit name servers whenever your IP address changes. ZoneEdit provides free DNS services for up to 2 zones with new user sign-up. RIAS can automatically notify you via email when a change is detected.

Download Remote IP Address Sync (32-bit) | Download Remote IP Address Sync (64-bit)
32-bit MD5: 573BA1A63877994C043DEA97299EE81B | 64-bit MD5: FD51C7A40F6337093F11F8A7CCDC08E6

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Visit the Text Desk Website
Text Desk
Version: | Released: 01/18/2014

We believe your time, productivity and intellectual focus are very important while you are diligently working at your PC. Various interruptions can sometimes lower your productivity level and hinder your focus. Text Desk aims to help you stay focused on your current task while maintaining your current level of productivity. Text Desk conveniently brings text messages sent to your smart phone right to your PC. Visit the Text Desk website for screenshots and additional information.

Download Text Desk for Android | Download Text Desk for Windows 8/10
Text Desk requires a Windows 8, 81, or Windows 10 PC and an Android powered smart phone running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or later.
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